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Featuring John Scott, this guided class was filmed in the beautiful shala of Purple Valley.

In March 2020 India went into lockdown together with many other parts of the world due to the Covid pandemic. Johns retreat had just started and the retreat was still filled with guests. It was a bizarre situation; everything was closed in Goa. To provide for guests, teachers, and staff we had to initially meet in the middle of the nights and on our bikes drive through the small villages of Goa, hunting for food. Eventually slowly things started to settle, trucks with food would come to the village and we were allowed to go out early morning to get the goods we needed. It was the largest lockdown of a country. Initially unbelievable, but eventually it all sank in,

The retreat became a safe haven, mornings would be filled with practice and meditation, the days were filled with a waiting of news on how to get to what every student called home. Eventually, the last student left for South Africa in November 2020.

Today we still wait.

Wait for the time we can move forward (we do not want to say new normal) and more news on when we will be able to open up the doors for our teachers and students.

Until then, make sure you keep on practicing. John’s guided class provides you with a lovely guidance.

For those who want more, check out John’s website for his online courses. He has launched 7 lessons for Primary Series, made up of 2 distinct practices with instruction as well as 3 distinct tutorials.

John presents two distinct practices with instruction

  • Half Yoga Chikitsa with Elements of Technique
  • Full Yoga Chikitsa series with the Counted method.

The Half Chikitsa practice is 90 minute practice aimed at those beginning or newer to the practice.  John takes a bit more time and adds more instructional information as he talks through and practices the half chikitsa series. Ideal for those learning the Counted Method and those with a full practice looking for a strong, counted class.

John also presents 3 distinct tutorials (7 lessons in total) covering

  • Fundamentals of the Practice
  • Functions of the Knee
  • Yoga Chikitsa and Center of Gravity

In this series of videos John breaks down elements of the practice and spends more time talking about those aspects which John has developed that provide the student with a solid framework for a focused, mindful and well grounded practice.

To know more or purchase the tutorials visit John Scott Yoga website.

Until we meet again. Stay happy. Stay well

The PV team