Retreats in Tenerife

We're pleased to announce that Purple Valley has joined forces with a small retreat centre in Tenerife, Spain – Hacienda Cristoforo.  

Our big opening day is 8th January 2022 and you can find more details about the individual retreats below.

Your perfect yoga and wellness retreat awaits you when you check in!

The Garden, Cristoforo Yoga Retreats, Tenerife
The Garden, Cristoforo Yoga Retreats, Tenerife
The Garden, Cristoforo Yoga Retreats, Tenerife
The Pool, Cristoforo Yoga Retreats, Tenerife

The Retreat Centre

Hacienda Cristoforo is the creation of Denis Devaris, a Swiss architect who came to Tenerife 44 years ago. Denis envisioned a retreat where likeminded people could exchange experiences and ideas through workshops and seminars. Today it has evolved into an ecological retreat centre.

Situated only 15 mins from the coastline, the centre is open to all those who are looking for peace, nature, and good weather. The peaceful retreat centre features a beautiful garden, comfortable living areas and relaxing therapy rooms. It's been designed using a blend of ecological principles and creative architecture with simple, cosy comfort and natural wellbeing. 

From day one of its opening, the aim has been to create a supportive environment for the development of a spiritual awakening. The essence of the centre is based on the absence of dogmatism and sectarianism, and the respect of personal freedom, individuality and integrity of each person.  

The Shala

The Shala, Cristoforo Yoga Retreats, Tenerife
The Shala, Cristoforo Yoga Retreats, Tenerife
The Shala, Cristoforo Yoga Retreats, Tenerife
The Shala, Cristoforo Yoga Retreats, Tenerife

The Shala – Sala Magna – is set in a colourful oasis of semi-tropical plants and trees, enveloped by the sounds of the birds. The building is made of local stone with a wooden floor. Sala Magna accommodates 20 students. The small size of the group makes the practice a very intimate experience, where the student is really seen by the teacher. Practice timings will be divided into two slots. Maximum number of students at the retreat is 35. Some classes may be taught outside in the gardens. Classes will be taught in Mysore style.

The Rooms

The Rooms, Cristoforo Yoga Retreats, Tenerife
The Rooms, Cristoforo Yoga Retreats, Tenerife
The Rooms, Cristoforo Yoga Retreats, Tenerife
The Rooms, Cristoforo Yoga Retreats, Tenerife

The rooms, designed by Denis, are handcrafted cottages made from wood and stone, with local artisanal roof tiles, situated across and around the large property. Though simple, the rooms are comfortable, with unique, individual character. Each of the houses has its own unique style. Both shared and single rooms are available, but there are only 3 single rooms, so get in quick if you'd like one! All houses have attached bathrooms and some of these are outdoors.

The Food

The Food, Cristoforo Yoga Retreats, Tenerife
The Food, Cristoforo Yoga Retreats, Tenerife
The Food, Cristoforo Yoga Retreats, Tenerife
The Food, Cristoforo Yoga Retreats, Tenerife

The food served at Cristoforo is vegetarian and prepared by our wonderful chef Susana Prana, who has been the chef at Purple Valley for many years. You should prepare yourself for a wonderful culinary experience! Meals will be served as brunch and dinner. 

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The Location

Hacineda Cristoforo is located in Playa Paraiso, Adeje, approx. 30 mins from the southern airport and 1 hour from the northern airport of Tenerife. Playa Paraiso Is a quiet holiday resort with plenty of restaurants and small shops. The village has 3 small beaches, all located in small rocky bays. The best beaches are at Las Galgas, between the hotels Riu Buena Vista and Roca Nivaria. Las Galgas is a sandy beach, while the other two have gravel and pebbles. Close to one of them, Playa el Pinque, there's a large seawater pool. 

Costa de Adeje, a small tourist town, is 10 mins by car or 25 mins by bus. Costa Adeje has 3 beaches with slightly different characteristics. All of them are very nice, just as the town itself. Playa del Duque is considered the main beach, located in a small bay with fine sand and crystal-clear water. There are plenty of restaurants, small eateries, and high quality shops.

Playa de las Americas is a slightly busier coastal town, popular with tourists, which is 15 mins by car or 30 mins by bus. The town offers a good variety of shops and restaurants and the most famous beach is Playa de Troya.

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About Tenerife

The name Tenerife comes from Teni (mountain) and Ife (snow). It's the largest of the Canary Islands archipelago, so named by Berber King Juba II. The earliest known human settlement on the islands dates to around 200 BCE, by Berbers known as Guanches. Tenerife was conquered by the Spanish in 1496. A century after the Spanish colonisation, inhabitants from northern parts of Europe and Italy started to move to the island. During the colonisation of the island, many of the natives passed away from then new infectious diseases, such as 'flu and smallpox, to which they lacked resistance and immunity.

Today’s population of Tenerife is a mix of nationalities which moved in post-colonisation. Tourists from Spain, UK and northern parts of Europe have been visiting Tenerife in large numbers since 1890, and Tenerife remains one of the most popular travel destinations in Spain. 

The oldest mountain ranges in Tenerife rose from the Atlantic Ocean by volcanic eruption which gave birth to the island almost 12 million years ago. The island as it is today was formed 3 million years ago, by the effusion of 3 islands due to volcanic activity from Teide. The volcano is visible from most parts of the island and has a crater of 17km!

The islands offer some beautiful nature sites, with Teide National Park located in the centre of the Island. The UNESCO World Heritage Site includes Mount Teide, which is the highest mountain in Spain and the third largest volcano in the world. Due to the volcanic characteristics, many of the beaches in the north are black sand pebble beaches, while the south beaches have fine sand. 

Tenerife is located about 200km off the North African coast, which makes the climate warm and pleasant throughout the year with an average temperature of 18-20°C in the winter and 24-26°C in the summer. The climate is very specific for the island, which is controlled by trade winds whose humidity is condensed particularly over the northern parts of the Island. The cold sea currents from the Canary Islands have a cooling effect on the island’s coasts and beaches, while the topography of the landscape influences the climatic differences on the island’s many valleys. It hardly rains on the island, but the volcanic ground of Tenerife is very porous which is why the soil maximises the absorption of water.

Upcoming Retreats

Ty Landrum retreat Tenerife

1-week retreat with Ty Landrum (2 & 3 weeks also available)

8-15 January (Fully booked) , 15-22 January (Fully booked) , 22-29 January 2022 (Fully Booked)

These warming winter retreats are all about renewing our relationship to yoga, not as a performative ritual, but as a mode of contemplating the inner movements of our lives.  Through a balance of practice and reflection, we return to the loving support of our breath, and we allow it to warm us from the inside.

Laruga Glaser Purple Valley Tenerife

1-week retreat with Laruga Glaser (2 weeks also available)

12-19 February (fully booked) , 19-26 February 2022 (Fully booked)

Dive into the heart and soul of the Ashtanga yoga practice under the inspiring guidance of Laruga Glaser and her assistants. The one week or for some, two week course will be a complete and comprehensive program offering foundational grounding for new students as well as progressive techniques for experienced practitioners. 

Kia Naddermier Retreat

1-week retreat with Kia Naddermier and Scott Johnson (2 weeks also available)

26 February - 5 March (Fully booked),  5-12 March 2022 

During this retreat we look deeper into the philosophy and practice of Ashtanga yoga, pranayama and mindfulness meditation to cultivate an understanding of yoga as a whole, involving all aspects – body, breath and mind. This will take your practice to the next level of awareness, allowing its subtleties to fully unfold and blossom. 

Petri Raisanen Tenerife Purple Valley

1-week retreat with Petri Raisanen

13-20 March 2022 (Fully Booked)

Practicing Non-Separation Through Ashtanga Yoga. The illusion of separation is the ego’s mind game. In this retreat we will dive into the ashtanga Ashtanga Yoga mindfully and quietly in synchronicity with the movement and the breath. Connecting with our inner movement, sensing togetherness, space, peace and non-separation! 

1-week retreat with Luke Jordan (2 weeks also available)

20-27 March, 27 March - 3 April 2022

These weeks will be an experiential immersion into physical and philosophical worlds of Ashtanga Yoga and its wider traditions. Daily postural practice will form the bedrock for further exploration through breath-work, chanting and deeper inquiry into the meaning of what this thing we call ‘yoga’ is really all about!

Ellen Johannnesen Tenerife Retreat Purple Valley

1-week retreat with Ellen Johannesen (2 weeks also available)

3 April - 10 April, 10 april - 17 April 

Join us for a week of transitions: from the intense forward bending of Ashtanga Primary series into the deep frontal openings of intermediate series, embodying the heart, lungs and breath as part of the journey. We will study yoga philosophy from the Buddhist perspective, integrating the transpersonal heart centered awareness that is compassion.

Joey Miles retreat tenerife purple valley

1-week retreat with Joey Miles (2 weeks also available)

17 April -24 April, 24 April- 1 May 2022 

This retreat offers a structure within which to completely let go. Let go of all expectations. Let go of all effort. Let go of all our roles and occupations. When we let go, even if only a little bit, how might we feel and who might we then be?