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We now offer Yoga Teacher Training and CPD courses for yoga teachers in Goa and Tenerife. 

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The Benefits of Ashtanga Teacher Training at Purple Valley


Embarking on a journey to become a certified yoga teacher is a transformative experience and choosing the right training centre is crucial. Purple Valley, with its 20 years of experience hosting retreats, is a renowned destination for Ashtanga yoga practitioners looking to deepen their practice, now with the addition to become skilled teachers. Offering a unique blend of tradition, expertise and community, Purple Valley stands out as an exceptional choice for those seeking more.

A legacy of experience

With two decades of hosting retreats, Purple Valley has established itself as a trusted space for yoga retreats and education. This wealth of experience ensures that students receive comprehensive and high-quality training that encompasses the essence of Ashtanga yoga. The centre offers both Teacher Training Courses (TTC) and longer intensives, providing flexible options to suit individual preferences and needs.

Mysore lineage and in-depth Ashtanga courses

At Purple Valley, many teachers are from the Mysore lineage, which holds a deep understanding of the practice. While they do not lead teacher training programs, they offer longer intensives that delve into the intricacies of Ashtanga yoga. These in-depth courses provide students with the opportunity to immerse themselves fully in their Sadhana, refining their understanding of the postures, breathwork and philosophy that form the foundation of Yoga.

A nourishing and supportive environment

Purple Valley excels in creating a nurturing atmosphere that fosters optimal learning. The centre understands the importance of a supportive surrounding, providing students with an environment where they can thrive. From healthy food options to a calm and serene ambiance, every aspect is designed to enhance the yoga learning experience. Additionally, all staff members at Purple Valley practise yoga themselves, which ensures they understand the mindset and needs of the practitioners.

Expert teachers rooted in Ashtanga

One of the standout features of Purple Valley is its team of teachers, who are seasoned practitioners dedicated to teaching Ashtanga yoga. Each teacher possesses extensive experience and expertise in the field, offering students the opportunity to learn from the best. Their deep-rooted connection to the practice, coupled with their passion for sharing their knowledge, creates a transformative learning environment where students can flourish.

Thriving yoga community

Choosing Purple Valley for your teacher training journey means becoming part of a vibrant yoga community. Surrounded by like-minded individuals who share the same dedication and enthusiasm for yoga, students can cultivate lifelong friendships and connections. The support and camaraderie within the Purple Valley community provides a nurturing space for personal growth and development.

The birth land of yoga: Goa centre

For those opting to undertake their teacher training at the Goa centre, they will find themselves in the birth land of yoga. With its 20 years of operation, the Goa centre has continually improved and refined its facilities to enhance the comfort of both teachers and practitioners. The Purple Valley shala in Goa is a unique and dedicated space that emanates the authentic energy of Ashtanga yoga, providing an ideal environment for focused practice and transformation.

A spiritual haven: Tenerife centre

Purple Valley's Tenerife centre was purposefully built to support spiritual seekers in their quest for knowledge and growth. This tranquil haven provides the perfect setting for diving deep into yoga practice and self-discovery. Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, students can immerse themselves in a serene and contemplative environment, allowing for profound introspection and spiritual exploration.


Embarking on a teacher training journey at Purple Valley offers Ashtanga students an exceptional opportunity to deepen their practice, gain valuable insights from experienced teachers and become part of a supportive yoga community. With its 20 years of experience, Purple Valley has honed its offerings to provide the right setting for aspiring yoga teachers. Whether in vibrant Goa or beautiful Tenerife, Purple Valley is dedicated to supporting students on their yoga journey, enabling them to blossom into skilled and confident yoga teachers.