Intelligent sequencing and Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

25 September to 29 September
with Neha Duseja and  Jeelna Ruparelia 

This training is all about equipping you to take your teaching to a new level! Looking at how to make the practice safe and accessible as well as creative and educational, we will truly examine how to use the practice as a healing modality and all its therapeutic value to body, mind and spirit.

From examining the philosophy of the yoga practice, to safe and effective sequencing, to posture modifications for therapy and injury management, to exploring the multi-modal approach of yoga, including breathwork and meditation, we will work on it all! You will be exposed to a wealth of knowledge and lots of different approaches to structuring classes and giving your students the best experience.

Training Course Description


  • Warm up sequencing and sun salutations
  • Introducing students to breathwork, bandhas and mindful movement
  • Posture and sequence breakdown and variations
  • Modifications to spinal pathologies such as flexion and extension dysfunction

  • Exploring standing balances
  • Understanding the principle of grounding
  • Understanding the anatomy of the feet and why these roots are so important in weight bearing
  • Stability and core activation through the feet in various postures
  • Addressing and working with hypermobility

  • Arm balances and Inversions  
  • A clear understanding of what core strength is all about and how to activate the core to achieve lightness
  • The importance of the rotator cuff and its scapular foundation
  • Scapular movement and dysfunction

Apart from the above, we will address other families of postures, such a backbends, hip opening, twists and more! Additionally each day will end with a discussion hour where we will get together to address various topics such as teaching privates versus class management, authentic teaching, the role of yoga as therapy, meditation practices, breathing and the nervous system, etc.


Because the only way to get good at doing this, is to do it! Please expect lots of hands on experience working on methodologies first hand and getting invaluable feedback on your teaching that you can use to enhance the amazing job you are already doing!


The training will cover 40HRS in 5 days. Which means we will do 8 hours per day.

And here is a rough schedule for the day to give you an idea of what our week together will look like:

8AM – 12PM              Morning session
12PM – 2PM               Break for lunch
2PM – 4PM                 Afternoon session
4PM -4:30PM             Break for tea
4:30PM – 5:30PM      Resume afternoon session
5:30PM – 7:30PM      Dinner
7:30PM – 8:30PM      Discussion hour


Neha Duseja

Neha is a ERYT 600 Certified, international yoga teacher, who runs yoga trainings, CPDs, workshops and retreats around the world.

Neha’s journey began close to10 years ago, as a means of beginning again. Leaving a successful advertising career behind, looking to live a more authentic, more purposeful life, she found her answer in a pool of sweat, on a yoga mat one summer in Dubai.

Her love affair with yoga began in the hot room, after which she found her wings in a vinyasa class and discovered a channel for her creativity in arm balances, inversions and beautiful transitions within the flows. Yoga was changing her and she didn’t even know! Accepting versus refusing. Softening, versus hardening. Neha realized that yoga is a means for mental metamorphosis. Transforming limitations into opportunities, and fear into empowerment, simply existing to really living, every breath, every moment, that is the gift of the practice!

For the past 4 years, with a need to dive deeper into technique and expand on her love for the practice, Neha has been a regular student in the mysore room. Studying with Nea Ferrier, in Dubai, falling madly in love with the lineage, that has helped her deepen her connection to yoga, to her self, her body and her reasons for teaching.

Neha teaches, full led primary. And her Vinyasa classes are creative,  challenging and focus on expanding student knowledge of themselves through postures, breathwork and mindful movement. The goal is always, to be good at yoga and therefore, be GREAT at life!

With a love of teaching, Neha will guide your practice to new depths and help you connect your journey on the mat with meaning off the mat. And she is so excited to grow with you!


  • ERYT200 - Absolute Academy, Thailand (2015)
  • ERYT100 – Vinyasa Sequencing (Lila School of Vinyasa) (2017)
  • RYT300 - SuperSoul Bhakti Yoga (2019)
  • In depth movement and hand balancing training and certifications with international teachers. (5 years and counting)
  • Insight meditation  2 year teacher training graduate 2023,  from Standford University, with world renowned       Insight Meditation Teachers, Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield
  • Pranayama Teacher Training  Level 1 – Jan-March 2023. With teachers: Eddie Stern and Robert Moses
  • Chanting student with Shantala Sriramaiah since Jan 2022.

Jeelna Ruparelia

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

British musculoskeletal physiotherapist with a special interest in shoulder rehabilitation. Jeelna’s broad experience extends across professional sports clubs and public sector NHS hospitals. Working in private racquet sports clubs, her key focus has been based upon gym-based rehabilitation including Clinical Pilates and yoga to help achieve client-specific functional goals.

Jeelna also offers Biomechanical Run Assessments and one-to-one Therapeutic Yoga as part of her clinical expertise. She is a certified Yoga Instructor registered in Rishikesh in India and uses a yoga therapy approach to improve posture, alignment, and general wellbeing in her clients.

Cost of Teacher Training 

Please note that the yoga fees are paid directly to the teacher

Early Bird up to 31 July: 500USD
Price after 31 July: 600USD

Get in touch with us on for payment details.

Accommodation and meals

The rooms at Purple Valley are simple yet serene and very comfortable. Each room is unique with attached bathrooms, ceiling fans, and mosquito nets. Please note that we do not have air-conditioning or internet in the rooms. Read more about the rooms here. Included in the room rate is morning/afternoon tea, brunch, dinner.

  • Standard single room in Savasana House                                                           32 000 INR/ 4 nights or 320 GBP
  • Standard shared room in Savasana House, 2 persons                                       64 000 INR/ 4 nights or 320 GBP
  • Garden view single room in Savasana                                                                 36 000 INR/ 4 nights or 360 GBP
  • Garden view double room in Savasana, 2 people                                               72 000 INR/night or 720 GBP
  • Garden view single room in Cottages                                                                   36 000 INR/ 4 nights or 360 GBP
  • Garden view double room in Cottages, 2 people                                                72 000 INR/night or 720 GBP
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How to book

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