A Yoga Therapy Training for AshtangaTeachers

A Yoga Alliance Accredited training with Tara Mitra and Dr. Rob

May 18 to June 3 2024

A dive into the depth of Yoga 

We offer a unique journey of exploring, reviewing, and applying the ancient healing wisdom of yoga through this hands-on and practical intensive training.

This program will deepen your understanding of postural alignment, hands-on adjusting skills, yoga anatomy, philosophy, Vedic chanting, pranayama, and the mind. Through this understanding, we will share ways to apply effective therapeutic practices to improve overall health.

Join Tara Mitra and Dr. Rob for this powerful 100-hour exploration.  

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is open for all levels of practitioners – from beginners to advanced. 

Specifically, it is for teachers who want to expand their knowledge of yoga and how to apply it to the individual more precisely. If you have a strong desire to help yourselves and others, to become more aware while developing skills to work kindly and effectively, this training is for you.

We created this course for participants to experience the true essence of yoga, empowering each person to become a more authentic teacher by providing a space to renew, refresh and expand their knowledge.

Rob and Tara carry over 45 years of combined practice under some of the most authentic teachers in the world; they are sure to reignite your passion for teaching. Since Tara and Rob are trained in Ashtanga, their physical practice will have elements from the Ashtanga sequences. However, this training is open to all yoga teachers in other traditions than Ashtanga Yoga.

Retreat schedule

We will start with chanting and Pranayama, followed by Morning Mysore – with an opportunity for participants to assist in the room. Putting our theory into action ~ learning how to assess, assist and move in the room effectively and efficiently while entering people's space. (2hrs 6-8 am)

We offer exploration sessions moving through themes of Teaching, the Mind, Yoga Philosophy (Yoga Sutras, Samkya and concepts from the Vedas), as well as understanding injury, anatomy, our responses, compassion, diet and lifestyle, Ayurveda, Vital Force (Prana), how we see the world and the mirror of yoga and Vedic Chanting. A typical day

A typical day
6-7am Pranayama
7-9am Mysore with opportunity for students to assist in the room
9-11am Breakfast and break

11:00am – 12:30pm  Session 1
12:30-12:45 Break
12:45 – 2:00 pm  Session 2, starting with chanting
2-3pm Lunch
3-5:30pm session 3
5:30-6pm meditation or practice
6 pm Dinner
Evenings free

Workshop themes day by day
Day 1
The essence of yoga through the lens of T. Krishnamacharya lineage
Discussions on What is Yoga. What is Yoga Therapy? Yoga vs. Yoga Therapy in Practice and the Most Important Yoga Sutra when working one-to-one.

Day 2
What is Means to be a Yoga Teacher. A Holistic Approach.
Listening to Learn or Learning to Listen, Empathetic listening. Observing our patterns and understanding of how we view the world. Threads of Samkya Philosophy and Yoga Sutras. Hands-on assessment from a therapeutic aspect: how to access, when to pass off.

Anatomy of a Yogi (Reconnecting after disconnecting) – body/mind connection Tools for Teaching and Connecting – Mind, Body & Breath

Healing – Pancha Koshas

Day 3
Harmony of the Spine, Our Mind & the Universe - Reviewing the structure, anatomy and function of the vertebrae and discs of the spine, spinal curves, and scoliosis. A philosophical understanding of the stages of life and Reality vs. Perception. Form vs. Function and Viniyoga.

Day 4
Cycle of the Spine & Breath
Common injuries and conditions, including spine osteoporosis and disc herniation. Therapeutic movement. Nervous system and the Nadi's & Prana.

Day 5
Flexibility or Body & Mind
Forward, Back, Side bends & Twist
The anatomy of backbends. Influence on our organs, physiology, and subtle bodies. Yoga therapy and backbends.

Day 6
Yoga & Ayurveda & Inversions for Health; To Energize or Not to Energize (personalizing practice), the Mind/Gut connection daily practices of Ayurveda, Inversions; and their effect on the spine and physiology.

Day 7
Exploring the Limbs; Ashtanga Yoga & the Joints of Body The Upper limb.
The shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand. Anatomy and function. Common injuries. Therapeutic movement.

Day 8
Understanding the Interruptions; Common Injuries, Management & Healing.
Lower limb -The hip, knee, ankle, and foot. Anatomy and function. Common injuries. Therapeutic movement.

Day 9
Pranayama: techniques and therapeutic application, the anatomy and physiology of breathing.
Discussion about yoga therapy and pranayama and and the anatomy and physiology of respiration.

Day 10
Mantra, Movement & Prana
Exploration of ancient techniques, working with Sound for calming, energizing and bringing in more peace. Refreshing or creating your personal practice.

The breath – using Pranayama as a therapy.

Day 11
You and your Breath – Understanding the Seats of the breath and how to work with displaced Prana. Exploration of practices. Healing with the Pancha (Maya) Koshas.

Day 12
Mindfulness & Moving Inwards - Compassion and Self-Compassion Linking all the information together and understanding the deeper meaning and gifts of guiding others.

Day 13
Me and My Mind – the lost limbs of yoga. Anatomy of a Yogi (Reconnecting after disconnecting) – body / mind connection. Tools and practices for Teaching and Connecting – Mind, Body & Breath


Tara Mitra
Tara has been practising yoga for 20 years. Having lived in India, born to an Indian father and Canadian Mother she bridges the gap between the East and West helping to share these complex ideas with assessibility . She practised under Tim Miller, Sharath Jois and Saraswathi Jois. (Authorized Lvl2) Tara apprenticed with certified teachers for 6 years and R. Saraswathi Jois for 4 years in her busy Mysore shala, where she assisted over 200 new students every month for nine months of the year.

She studies Pranayama with living Master Sri OP Tiwari, Philosophy (Samkya, Upanishads, Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata) with Dr. Vigneshwar Bhat & Raghu Ananthanarayanan and Vedic Chanting & Sujaya Issac (Krishnamacharya lineage).

Tara is also a Certified Yoga Therapist in the lineage of T. Krishnamacharya. Her interest in yoga therapy was to help heal others from injuries and imbalances within the body that she witnessed over the years of teaching. She has helped many students return to health and stability in the body and mind. She specializes in Trauma, Stress and Anxiety.

Tara continually studies Yogic Texts and Vedic Chanting in the Traditional method and is a longtime Vipassana meditator.

Tara's curiosity and passion for understanding her mind and body led her to study psychology (1993) and nutrition (1999).

Tara believes that to be a good teacher, one must be a good student. Therefore, she continuously expands her knowledge of yoga sutras, Ayurveda and healing through Sound and Vedas. She teaches in a traditional yet playful manner, incorporating the teachings of her teachers.

Rob Lamport
Dr Rob has over 25 years of experience in yoga and natural healthcare, including a master's degree in chiropractic. He began practising yoga in the UK 1996 and made his first trip to study Ashtanga Vinyasa in Mysore in 1999. He spent many years living in Mysore, studying with BNS Iyengar at the AYRI and Dr KRI Jagadish (a well-known natural healer).

He has over 15 years of clinical experience working with various health issues and has mentored under renowned Gonstead Chiropractor Dr. Ian Rossborough for over a decade. He has been a dedicated student of Pranayama under Sri OP Tiwari for the last 11 years.

Rob founded More Than Anatomy, an online yoga anatomy educational resource. He hosts online and in-person training for yoga therapy and yoga teacher training every year. Rob aims to teach students to practice safely and effectively by better understanding the body in relation to yoga.

Rob and Tara live in England with their two rescue pups after running a thriving wellness centre in Mysore, India, for years. The Center incorporated natural methods of health care: Gonstead Chiropractic, Traditional Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy. Their combined 45 years of experience offer a dynamic, well-rounded, and unique experience for students and teachers ready to dive into the more profound practices of yoga

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200
Yoga Alliance YACEP

Practical details about the retreat centre

Currently the internet at the retreat is not reliable. If you are dependent on internet for work, we ask you to bring your own data on your phone, to which you can connect your laptop, if needed. Phones work very well. There is also a cafe 10 minutes from the retreat with good internet, however, it is a busy cafe and not very suitable for work. 

Finca Naranjas (previously Cristoforo), our retreat centre is a very simple yet beautiful place, built by an architect named Denis Devaris, who had an intention to create a meeting point for Spiritual seekers. Built slowly over 30 years using volcanic rocks from the island, the rooms are all unique with their own distinct personalities featuring beautiful details and personal touches. Given the nature of these types of buildings, imperfection is to be expected with a plumbing system not quite up to modern standards! However, set right into the land with a wonderfully lush garden, Cristoforo really is an oasis in South Tenerife. When packing for your retreat, make sure you add warmer clothes. From December till March the mornings and evenings can be quite chilly. The rooms are not heated, but are equipped with cozy duvets and blankets.

The meals
The food served at the retreat will be mainly vegan and completely vegetarian, prepared freshly everyday by our wonderful retreat chefs. We try were possible to use local and organic products. We sometimes use eggs or dairy in the kitchen. If you have food allergies/sensitivities, please let us know. Gluten free options are available. We have a self service tea & coffee station for guest use and try to provide fruit for snacking during the day.
You have the option to enjoy your food either inside or outside in the beautiful garden.

The practice
Maximum number of students is 25.
Morning classes will be taught with maximum 16 students in each class.

Practice will take place inside the beautiful wooden garden Shala. Savasana is usually taken outside to make space in the Shala, especially during full retreats and occasionally afternoon workshops will take place outside. 

Arrival day and check out
The rooms are available after 3pm. The retreat starts with an introduction meeting at 5pm, followed by dinner at 6.30pm. All students should aim to arrive for the introduction meeting. The first practice is on Sunday morning and the last practice is on Friday in the morning. The check out is on Saturday at 9am. 

We have 4 different accommodation options. The list below shows the rooms that are available to book. 

Below prices are Early Bird prices valid till 31 March 2024. From 1 April 2024 the prices will increase with 700GBP. 

The training is Yoga Alliance Accredited.

Premium rooms
The premium rooms are the largest rooms at the retreat. These rooms have attached indoor bathrooms.
Shared: 2900 GBP
Currently available: Venus, Casa Blanca, Danae 1

Single: 3470 GBP
Currently available: Bella Vista, Casita 1, Casita 2, Palmera

The standard rooms are smaller than the premium rooms. These rooms have attached, indoor bathrooms.
Shared: 2550 GBP
Currently available: Ficus, 5 Peldanos

Single: 3100 GBP
Currently available: 6 Peldanos, La Granja 1, La Granja 2

The budget rooms are the smallest rooms at the retreat. Some of the rooms share bathrooms, a few of them are outdoors bathrooms. In a few of the rooms there may have disturbance from the road.
Shared: 2590 GBP
Currently available: Fuente 2, Pino de Oro, Bella Dormiente
Single:  2850 GBP
Currently available: Fuente 1

Dormitory (3 people sharing)
The dormitory is a spacious room for 3 people.
Shared: 2330 GBP
Currently available: Danae 2, La Huerta

The accommodation price is all-inclusive (includes accommodation, all meals and yoga). There is an option to pay a deposit of 50% of the full amount to secure your place. The deposit is non-refundable and the balance must be paid at least 4 weeks prior to the start date.

Please note that we have a limited amount of single rooms for this retreat. Before booking a single room confirm availability with us on info@yogagoa.com.

To apply for this retreat complete the  below form. As soon as we receive the form we will get back to you with more information. 

How to apply

To apply for this training, please submit the form below and we’ll get back to you with more information.