The Enchantment of Yoga - Mantra, Myth and Meaning

11 February to 18 February and 18 February to 25 February
a retreat with Luke Jordan

Luke Jordan Retreat Purple Valley

These weeks will be an experiential immersion into physical and philosophical worlds of Ashtanga Yoga and its wider traditions. Daily postural practice will form the bedrock for further exploration through breath-work, chanting and deeper inquiry into the meaning of what this thing we call ‘yoga’ is really all about!

This retreat is open for all levels of practitioners – from beginners to advanced.

Retreat schedule

The daily sessions will begin with an introduction to kriya and pranayama – the yogic cleansing and breathwork practices. This will be followed by Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga practice, the unique method of learning this yoga practice in which one practices alone within a group setting.

For beginners, Luke has developed a unique way in which newer students can rapidly memorise and explore more deeply the sequence of postures. For advanced students, Luke brings his attention to detail, expert guidance and compassionate support for your daily and ongoing yoga journey.

In the afternoon sessions we will explore the deeper meaning of yoga through discussions which will use as their starting point chants drawn from yoga’s wider tradition.

Together we will learn their correct pronunciation, the meaning of the Sanskrit words and the deeper philosophical concepts they point towards. Luke will draw from his deeper knowledge of the yogic lore to not only entertain but also inform and inspire.

Each week consists of 6 morning Mysore classes and 4 afternoon workshops. 

Luke Jordan Tenerife retreat Purple Valley
Luke Jordan Tenerife retreat


Luke Jordan is a Certified Teacher in the Ashtanga Yoga tradition and holds a Masters in Indian Religions. He is a writer, story-teller, vedic-chanter, sanskritist and consummate student of yogic and spiritual culture.

Always feeling that there was something more to life, Luke first began formal study of Eastern mysticism in the 1990s while at University and plunged headlong into the practice of Ashtanga Yoga in the year 2000. This began an on-going journey that would take him around the world seeking out experts, gurus and teachers in the field of Yoga and spirituality.

Luke first made his way to Mysore, India in 2001 to study with Sri Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath and is one of a very small number of teachers worldwide to have been granted the honour of Certification within the Ashtanga tradition.

Drawn to the deeper philosophical dimensions of Yoga, Luke loves to share the inquiry that springs from the chants, myths and conceptual underpinnings which form Yoga’s wider tradition.

Luke now lives in Portugal where he is the founder of the Colares Yoga Club and each year gives the intensive Ashtanga Yoga Summer School

Practical details

Maximum number of students is 24

Cost: £950 GBP per week for shared accommodation and £1250 GBP  for single accommodation. The price is all-inclusive (includes accommodation, all meals and yoga). There is an option to pay a deposit of 50% of the full amount to secure your place. The deposit is non-refundable and the balance must be paid at least 4 weeks prior to the start date.

We have a limited amount of single rooms for this retreat. Before booking send us an email on to confirm availability.

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