The Enchantment of Yoga - Mantra, Myth and Meaning

a retreat with Luke Jordan
3 February to 10 February, 10 February to 17 February, 17 February to 24 February
Each part can be booked and attended separately

These weeks will be an experiential immersion into physical and philosophical worlds of Ashtanga Yoga and its wider traditions. Daily postural practice will form the bedrock for further exploration through breath-work, chanting and deeper inquiry into the meaning of what this thing we call ‘yoga’ is really all about!

This retreat is open for all levels of practitioners – from beginners to advanced.

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Embark on a transcendent journey into the heart of yoga's mystical realms with "The Enchantment of Yoga," taking you beyond the asana and into the pulsating heart of yoga's ancient traditions to unveil yoga’s hidden meanings.

Inviting yogis of all levels who crave something different, from curious beginners to seasoned practitioners, these transformative weeks will invite you to venture beyond the purely physical emphasis of postural practice, to delve into the untamed depths of yoga's esoteric wisdom as it inquires into and unravels the mysteries of existence itself.

Step out of the ordinary and into inner adventure in this retreat where the physical and metaphysical worlds intertwine:

  •     Morning Mysore: In the Mysore style experience, where individual exploration meets the empowering energy of a group setting, delve into the nuances of this traditional asana practice, refining your alignment and technique under expert guidance, while unlocking the power of movement and breath to enhance your physical and emotional well-being.
  •     Vedic Vibrations: Immerse yourself in the divine vibrations of sacred Vedic hymns with their mesmerising cadence and elevating intonations, tapping into the transcendent realm of sound to nourish your spirit and ignite your inner flame.
  •     Sacred Sanskrit: Discover the mystical language of Sanskrit – the language of the Gods. Uncover the fundamental elements of this ancient linguistic treasure, and allow its resonant beauty to elevate your understanding and appreciation of the mystical tapestry that weaves through the yogic tradition.

Under the skillful guidance of Luke Jordan, one of a handful of Certified teachers in the Ashtanga tradition, storyteller, vedic-chanter, sanskritist and devoted seeker of yogic and spiritual wisdom, you'll be supported and held by his expert guidance, heartfelt support, and knowledge of the mystical lore. With "The Enchantment of Yoga," transcend the physical plane and embrace the mysteries of existence, unlocking the sacred secrets that lie within the heart of yoga's wider culture. Ignite your passion for self-discovery and esoteric journey as you uncover the enchanting world beyond the physical practice. This inner odyssey awaits.

Each week consists of 6 morning Mysore classes and 4 afternoon workshops. 


Luke Jordan

Luke Jordan is a Certified Teacher in the Ashtanga Yoga tradition and holds a Masters in Indian Religions. He is a writer, story-teller, vedic-chanter, sanskritist and consummate student of yogic and spiritual culture.

Always feeling that there was something more to life, Luke first began formal study of Eastern mysticism in the 1990s while at University and plunged headlong into the practice of Ashtanga Yoga in the year 2000. This began an on-going journey that would take him around the world seeking out experts, gurus and teachers in the field of Yoga and spirituality.

Luke first made his way to Mysore, India in 2001 to study with Sri Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath and is one of a very small number of teachers worldwide to have been granted the honour of Certification within the Ashtanga tradition.

Drawn to the deeper philosophical dimensions of Yoga, Luke loves to share the inquiry that springs from the chants, myths and conceptual underpinnings which form Yoga’s wider tradition.

Luke now lives in Portugal where he is the founder of the Colares Yoga Club and each year gives the intensive Ashtanga Yoga Summer School

This year Luke will be assisted by lovely Mercedes.

Mercedes left her hometown of Buenos Aires at a young age to pursue my ballet career. After graduating from The Royal Ballet School in London she pirouetted to Amsterdam to join Het Nationale Ballet. A decade of high discipline in pointed shoes was followed by a decade on her feet managing some of Amsterdam's most demanding restaurants and clubs. Amidst this crazy lifestyle she was lucky to discover yoga at the local gym, and ever since then her relationship to yoga has been evolving. She likes to think of practice as a container for self exploration - each breath, each pose is an opportunity to self-observation, to recognize the patterns that keep showing up while opening up to new possibilities. Throughout the years Merceds has been inspired by different teachers, especially Nancy Gilgoff, Dena Kingsberg, and Andrea Lutz who I am still learning from today. 

Mercedes is  fascinated by the internal workings of the practice - that which we cannot see. Her classes are therefore very much focused around the breath and quality of attention. At times though she likes to explain in detail, other times she prefers the silence and hands-on assists to do the explaining - but always tuning into the energy of the room and the individual’s need, all while keeping a healthy sense of humor!

The meals
The food served at the retreat will be mainly vegan and completely vegetarian, prepared freshly everyday by our wonderful retreat chefs. We try were possible to use local and organic products. We sometimes use eggs or dairy in the kitchen. If you have food allergies/sensitivities, please let us know. Gluten free options are available. We have a self service tea & coffee station for guest use and try to provide fruit for snacking during the day.
You have the option to enjoy your food either inside or outside in the beautiful garden.

The practice
Maximum number of students is 25.
Morning classes will be taught with maximum 16 students in each class.

Practice will take place inside the beautiful wooden garden Shala. Savasana is usually taken outside to make space in the Shala, especially during full retreats and occasionally afternoon workshops will take place outside. Make sure you pack warm practice clothes for Savasana.

Arrival day and check out. 
The rooms are available after 3pm. The retreat starts with an introduction meeting at 6pm, followed by dinner at 6.30pm. All students should aim to arrive for the introduction meeting. The first practice is on Sunday morning and the last practice is on Friday in the morning. The check out is on Saturday at 9am. 

We have 4 different accommodation options. The list below shows the rooms that are available to book. 

Premium rooms
The premium rooms are the largest rooms at the retreat. These rooms have attached indoor bathrooms.
Shared: 1250 GBP
Currently available week 1:  Casa Blanca
Currently available week 2 : Casa Blanca
Currently available week 3 : Casa Blanca

Single:  1550 GBP
Currently available week 1: Casita 1, Casita 2
Currently available week 2:  Casita 1, Casita 2
Currently available week 3:  Casita 2, Palmera

The standard rooms are smaller than the premium rooms. These rooms have attached, indoor bathrooms. La Granja is a house with 2 separate rooms which share a bathroom. 
Shared: 1050 GBP
Currently available week 1: Ficus, 5 Peldanos
Currently available week 2: Ficus,
Currently available week 3: Ficus

Single: 1350 GBP
Currently available week 1: La Granja 1, La Granja 2
Currently available week 2: La Granja 1, La Granja 2
Currently available week 3: 6 Peldanos, La Granja 1, La Granja 2

The budget rooms are the smallest rooms at the retreat. Some of the rooms share bathrooms, a few of them are outdoors bathrooms. In a few of the rooms there may have disturbance from the road.
Shared: 900 GBP
Currently available week 1: Fuente 2, Pino de Oro (1 female spot available)
Currently available week 2: Fuente 2, Pino de Oro
Currently available week 3: Fuente 2, Pino de Oro, Bella Dormiente

Single: 1200 GBP
Currently available week 1: Get in touch for room details!
Currently available week 2: Get in touch for room details!
Currently available week 3: Fuente 1

Dormitory (3 people sharing)
The dormitory is a spacious room for 3 people. 
Shared: 780 GBP
Currently available week 1: Danae 2 (2 female spots available), La Huerta
Currently available week 2: Fully Booked!
Currently available week 3: Danae 2 (2 female spots available), La Huerta

The accommodation price is all-inclusive (includes accommodation, all meals and yoga). There is an option to pay a deposit of 50% of the full amount to secure your place. The deposit is non-refundable and the balance must be paid at least 4 weeks prior to the start date.

Please note that we have a limited amount of single rooms for this retreat. Before booking a single room confirm availability with us on

To book this retreat, follow the link below and complete the form to make your payment. 

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