The Art of Ashtanga Yoga 

A one month immersion with Sam Silversides

6th July to 3rd August 2024

Join Sam Silversides this July 2024 for a month-long retreat intensive at the fabulous Purple Valley ashtanga yoga retreat centre in Goa, India. The weekly schedule includes 5 days of morning Mysore practice, and one Led Series class on the 6th day. The 7th day will be reserved for rest and relaxation.

Additionally, Sam will be programming afternoon-workshops 3 times a week, leading an exploration into not only the finer details of posture practice and good alignment, but also the deeper dimensions of Yoga, including a detailed history of the development and evolution of the practice.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga remains a very potent practice, with great potential, but it is only one jewel in the net of Indra. Through the examination of multiple other jewels, other points of reference, this retreat intensive will encourage a greater appreciation for all other traditions which lie outside the Ashtanga Vinyasa box. 

Sam has been assisting Ty Landrum at both Purple Valley Goa and Tenerife since 2019, and he is honoured to be leading this retreat in concert with the wonderful local and international staff at their longstanding and original location.

Retreat schedule

Daily Mysore Schedule (Sunday - Friday)

5:50 - 6:30 AM | Optional Seated/Meditation Practice 

7:00 - 9:30 AM | Mysore Practice
*Previous experience with The Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a plus, but not necessary 

9:40 -10:00 AM | Chanting Practice

10:30 AM | Brunch

14:30 PM | Afternoon fruits

16:00 - 18:00 PM | Afternoon Workshop

18:30 PM | Dinner

Weekly Led Series Class Every Friday Morning 

*Starting time TBA

Week 1

Workshop 1: Surya Namaskara: The Sun Salutations
Workshop 2: The Standing Postures
Workshop 3: Discipline of Freedom, Maharishi Patañjali’s The Yoga Sutra

Week 2

Workshop 4: Yoga Cikitsā: The Primary Series
Workshop 5: The Finishing Postures  
Workshop 6: Prana & Apana 

Week 3

Workshop 7: Nāḍi Śodhana: The Intermediate Series
Workshop 8: Wave Form in Backbending Postures
Workshop 9: The Bhagavad-Gītā: Krishna’s Council In Time Of War

Week 4 

Workshop 10: Special Topics (Group Generated)
Workshop 11: Sequencing Aṣṭāṅga Vinyāsa Practices/Classes
Workshop 12: Prāṇāyāma: You’re Alive!


Sam Silversides has been a student of Yoga since 2010. After 5 years of practice he met his master in Richard Freeman, and has since then completed multiple advanced trainings with him and his wife Mary Taylor in Boulder, Vienna, and Berlin.

Sam continues to assist his friend and mentor Ty Landrum at his various international intensives and trainings. Over a decade later Sam has taught Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga classes and workshops around the world to diverse groups of students including in India, the birthplace of the practice.

Sam is honoured to carry the Yoga tradition forward into our modern world and greatly enjoys the teacher-student exchange, whichever side of it he happens to be on. In his life, yoga practice keeps him humble and grounded. He believes any keen and earnest seeker can reach the zenith that yoga has to offer.

You'll find more information about Sam and his offerings by following the link below:


The rooms at Purple Valley are simple yet serene and very comfortable. Each room is unique with attached bathrooms, ceiling fans, and mosquito nets. Please note that we do not have air-conditioning or internet in the rooms. Read more about the rooms here

Monsoon Prices 2024

The below prices are given per week and include accommodation, meals (Brunch/Dinner/Fruits/Unlimited tea and coffee through out the day), 1x 60 minute massages/ treatment with our therapists, and  all your tuition fees . The below fees do not include the flight fare or the taxi transfer to and from the airport. Shared accommodation means that 2 students of the same gender will share a room.  Our dormitory room is a new feature for the budget traveller. These rooms sleep 3-4 persons of the same gender. Dorm space and single rooms are limited!

Weekly bookings are available - single or multiple.
Please contact us for prices in INR.

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How to book

Get in touch to book your yoga and accommodation for a monsoon retreat

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