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Course description

The Tapestry of Yoga: An Explorative Immersion in Yoga and Sanskrit

Embark on a transformative journey with “The Tapestry of Yoga,” a unique retreat that brings together the mystical realms of Ashtanga Yoga and the divine language of Sanskrit. This spiritual odyssey beckons you beyond the asana, into the heart of yoga’s age-old traditions and the profound depth of Sanskrit, guided by two passionate experts in these fields.

We invite yogis of all stripes, from curious beginners to seasoned practitioners, to join us for transformative weeks unlike any other. Step beyond the physical emphasis of yoga, dive into its esoteric wisdom, explore the enchanting essence of Sanskrit, and immerse yourself in the inquiry into existence itself.

In this retreat, physical and metaphysical dimensions beautifully intertwine:

  • Morning Mysore: Start your day with the empowering energy of Mysore style practice under the expert guidance of Luke Jordan, a Certified Ashtanga teacher. Hone your alignment and technique, and harness the power of movement and breath to enhance your well-being. Luke will be assisted in the class by the intelligent and sensitive hands of well-known teachers Anna Contanza (Italy) and Leo Castro (Brazil) (see below).
  • Vedic Vibrations: Delve into the divine world of sacred Vedic chants under Luke’s captivating guidance, and connect with their mesmerising cadence and elevating intonations to nourish your spirit and ignite your inner flame.
  • Sacred Sanskrit: Journey into the profound beauty of Sanskrit with Pratik Rumde, a modern master of this ancient language. Pratik, an experienced researcher, scholar and fluent speaker of Sanskrit, is adept at bridging the gap between tried-and-tested tradition and modern understanding, making the complexity of Sanskrit accessible and engaging. Unearth the treasure of this sacred language, and let its depth elevate your understanding of the history and culture of the yogic tradition.

Under the expert guidance of Luke, Pratik, Anna and Leo your journey will be illuminated by their collective wisdom and passion. With Luke’s heartfelt support and Pratik’s deep knowledge of Sanskrit, you will explore new depths within your practice and understanding.

“The Tapestry of Yoga” is more than a retreat; it’s a transcendent journey that blends physicality, spirituality, and language. Transcend the physical plane, delve into the intricacies of Sanskrit, and unlock the sacred wisdom woven into yoga’s wider culture. Ignite your passion for self-discovery and embark on an enchanting journey beyond the physical practice. Your immersion in the waters Yoga and Sanskrit awaits.

Course daily schedule

Arrival during day.
Students have access to the rooms after 3pm.
6.00 pm Introduction meeting followed by dinner.
Try to make it to the introduction meeting

Sundays Morning Mysore followed by Pranayama and Chanting Brunch Chai and fruit Afternoon workshop
6.30pm Dinner

Mondays Morning Mysore followed by Pranayama and Chanting Brunch Chai and fruit Afternoon workshop
6.30pm Dinner

Tuesdays Morning Mysore followed by Pranayama and Chanting Brunch
Afternoon off
6.30pm Dinner

Wednesdays Morning Mysore followed by Pranayama and Chanting Brunch Chai and fruit Afternoon workshop
6.30pm Dinner

Thursdays Morning Mysore followed by Pranayama and Chanting Brunch Chai and fruit Afternoon workshop
6.30pm Dinner

Fridays Morning Mysore followed by Pranayama and Chanting Brunch
Afternoon off
6.30pm Dinner

Saturdays Day Off Brunch
Day off From Yoga Check out from rooms if you are leaving
3pm Check In

Course teachers

Luke Jordan – Your lead teacher

Luke Jordan is an esteemed teacher of Ashtanga Yoga and an accomplished scholar with a Masters in Indian Religions. A writer, story-teller, vedic-chanter, and sanskritist, he is also a devoted student of the yogic and spiritual culture, ceaselessly exploring the depths of these timeless disciplines.

With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a sense that life offered something more profound, Luke delved into the study of Eastern mysticism in the 1990s. This curiosity led him to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga in 2000, propelling him on an extraordinary journey. This pursuit took him across the globe, meeting and learning from experts, gurus, and teachers in the realm of yoga and spirituality.

First venturing in  2001 to Mysore, India, to study with Sri Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath, Luke later became one of an elite group of teachers worldwide who have received the honor of Certification within the Ashtanga tradition.

Drawn towards the philosophical dimensions of yoga, Luke revels in sharing the rich tapestry of inquiry derived from chants, myths, and conceptual foundations that shape yoga’s broader tradition.

His life and work are a testament to a deep love for yoga and a commitment to sharing its transformative power with others.

Luke now lives in Portugal where each year he offers the Ashtanga Yoga Summer School

Luke Jordan and Matt Ryan yoga retreat Purple Valley Tenerife


Pratik Rumde

Pratik Rumde, a research scholar and esteemed educator, carries a deep reverence for the divine language of Sanskrit, dedicating his life to its study and dissemination. Specializing in Pāṇinian grammar, the traditional Sanskrit grammar, Pratik boasts an M.A. in Sanskrit and is finalising his Ph.D.  at the prestigious University of Goettingen, Germany. His extensive teaching career, which has seen him imparting Sanskrit knowledge in both India and Germany, highlights his remarkable ability to make the complexities of this ancient language accessible and engaging. Pratik’s expertise spans a variety of audiences – from Sanskrit enthusiasts to academics – proving his adeptness in resonating with diverse learners and fostering an appreciation for Sanskrit, the beautiful language of gods. Pratik’s profound knowledge, combined with his passion for teaching, ensures a learning journey that transcends the traditional classroom and instils a deep love and understanding for the timeless beauty of Sanskrit.



Anna Constanza

Anna is a passionate student of yoga and life enthusiast. She has been studying and practicing yoga since 2000. She has travelled to India many times in order to practice with Saraswathi Jois. In 2013 she opened Ashtanga Yoga Alcobendas in Madrid, a cosy shala where yoga is understood and shared as a way of life. In the past five years Anna has been sharing her knowledge and understanding of the Yoga Sutras of Patañjali by giving courses in different schools in Spain.

To know more:

Leo Castro

Leo Castro has been involved with Yoga for over a decade, most of this time, having a busy routine of a regular job. During the past years, on the role of a full time Yoga teacher, he supports practitioners in ways, that their “efforts” towards Yoga sadhana may be balanced and aligned with their personal, family and professional responsibilities. Fostering qualities such as compassion and resilience, so important for community and personal growth. As an authorized teacher on the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, Leo Castro travels teaching Workshops and alongside his partner Sami Smidi, hold space at “Coletivo Mysore”. A Shala nestled in the heart of São Paulo, Brazil, where a vibrant group of practitioners’ nurture life and relationship.



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