Monsoon Ashtanga Mastery

A four week journey with Prashanth Ramu

3rd August to 31st August 2024

Join Prashanth Ramu, an esteemed Ashtanga Yoga teacher and practitioner with over a decade of experience, for a transformative experience this August at the renowned Purple Valley Yoga Centre in Goa. 

Presenting "Monsoon Ashtanga Mastery: A 4-Week Journey," this event is tailored for Ashtanga practitioners of all levels. Dive into the depths of Ashtanga Yoga through 8 diverse workshops, each designed to enhance your practice and understanding of this ancient discipline.

Whether you are beginning your yoga journey or looking to deepen your existing practice, this retreat offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore Ashtanga Yoga in the serene backdrop of Goa's lush landscapes. Embrace the monsoon magic and embark on a journey of self-discovery and mastery with Prashanth Ramu at the helm.

Intensive 4-Week Program: A comprehensive month-long journey into the depths of Ashtanga Yoga, perfect for both beginners and advanced students.

Mysore Style Classes: Experience the traditional Mysore style with four morning classes each week, offering a personalised approach to your practice.

Led Primary Series: Twice a week, join in guided sessions of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series, ideal for learning the flow and refining your technique.

Interactive Afternoon Workshops: Engage in two afternoon workshops weekly, focusing on Ashtanga Yoga & bandhas, Jump through & jump back, hip opening , Back bending, techniques to practice Asanas & flexibility.

Scenic Monsoon Setting: Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Goa during the monsoon season, with classes held at the serene Purple Valley Yoga Centre.

Community and Connection: Build connections with a diverse community of yoga enthusiasts, fostering a supportive and inspiring environment.

Personal Growth and Development: An opportunity to deepen your practice, gain new insights, and experience personal transformation through the discipline of Ashtanga Yoga.

Cultural Experience: Embrace the vibrant culture of Goa, with its rich heritage, exquisite cuisine, and stunning landscapes.

Wellness and Rejuvenation: Beyond yoga, find time for relaxation and rejuvenation, embracing the holistic wellness experience offered at Purple Valley.


Retreat schedule

From August 3rd till August 31st, the schedule includes daily morning Mysore practice (Sunday to Friday), weekly 2x led classes and interactive afternoon workshops twice a week.

Weekly Schedule:

Sunday to Friday (8:00am to 10:00am)
Morning Mysore - Guided Self Practice

Tuesday & Thursday (4:00pm to 6:00pm)
Interactive afternoon workshops

Week 1
Tuesday   - Hip Opening

Comprehensive Understanding of Hip Anatomy: Delve into the intricate anatomy of the hips, exploring joints, muscles, and their functions to provide participants with a deeper understanding of their body mechanics.

Functional Insights: Explore the practical functionality of the hips and how their mobility affects various yoga poses and everyday movements, emphasising the importance of hip flexibility and strength.

Injury Prevention Strategies: Learn preventive measures to safeguard the hips from injuries during yoga practice, including alignment cues, modifications, and mindful movement techniques.

Specialised Practice Techniques: Dive into specialised hip-opening yoga sequences and techniques curated to enhance flexibility and mobility, catering to practitioners of various levels and abilities.

Breathwork for Hip Opening: Discover the correlation between breath and hip openness, integrating specific breathing techniques to deepen stretches and create a sense of relaxation within the hip area.

Thursday - Arm Balancing 

Diverse Range of Arm Balances: The workshop covers a variety of arm balancing poses, catering to a range of skills and experience levels.

Step-by-Step Demonstrations: Each pose is broken down into steps, making it easy for participants to understand and follow.

Focus on Alignment and Technique: Emphasis on correct alignment and technique ensures that participants learn the poses safely and effectively.

Sequenced Practice for All Levels: The workshop includes a sequenced practice that is adaptable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students.

Week 2
Tuesday   - Backbend & Beyond

Understanding Spinal Anatomy: Delve into the intricacies of the spine, exploring its structure, the role of each vertebra, and the mechanics involved in performing safe and effective backbends.

Functional Approach to Backbends: Learn a comprehensive approach to practicing backbends, focusing on alignment, muscular engagement, and the integration of breath to deepen and enhance your practice.

Breathwork Techniques: Discover the power of breath in backbends, exploring specific breathing techniques that support and deepen your backbend practice, fostering a mind-body connection.

Guided Practice Sessions: Engage in guided practice sessions designed to help you apply the knowledge gained, allowing you to explore and experience a variety of backbends in a supportive and encouraging environment.
Thursday - Bandhas in Ashtanga Yoga 

Advanced Asana Practice: Explore the integration of bandhas into various asanas, enhancing stability, alignment, and energy flow. Learn how to engage bandhas effectively to deepen your practice.

Refined Transitions: Master the art of seamless jump-throughs and jump-backs by employing bandhas. Understand the mechanics behind these transitions and how bandhas can aid in their execution.

Injury Prevention: Discover how incorporating bandhas into your practice can help prevent injuries by providing internal support and stability. Understand the role of bandhas in maintaining a safe and sustainable yoga practice.

Mastery of Bandhas: Step-by-step guidance on how to develop a profound understanding and mastery of bandhas. Learn techniques to activate and utilise these energetic locks effectively.

Breathing Techniques: Explore specific techniques that complement and enhance the engagement of bandhas. Understand the synergy between breath and bandhas for a deeper practice.

Week 3
Tuesday   - Handstand

Anatomical Focus: Dive into the intricacies of the wrists, hands, and shoulders, exploring their anatomy and functions specifically related to mastering the handstand. Gain a deeper understanding of how these body parts play a crucial role in achieving and sustaining a strong handstand.

Techniques for Handstand Mastery: Learn a systematic approach to mastering the handstand, including alignment principles, progressive drills, and strategies to build strength, stability, and confidence in your inversion practice.

Understanding Balance: Explore the art of balance in handstands, delving into the subtleties of weight distribution, core engagement, and refining your proprioception to find stability and ease in this challenging pose.

Breathwork Integration: Discover the role of breath in handstand practice. Explore specific breathing techniques that aid in concentration, focus, and finding a sense of calm and steadiness while upside down.

Thursday - Ashtanga Jump through & backs

Focus on Ashtanga Dynamics: Specialised in 'Jump Through & Jump Back' techniques, a core element of Ashtanga Yoga practice.

Step-by-Step Learning: Comprehensive instruction covering each stage of mastering jump throughs and jump backs, tailored for various skill levels.

Individual Attention: Emphasis on individuality and proportions to ensure each participant receives personalised guidance.

Injury Prevention and Management: Insightful discussion on common injuries associated with dynamic Ashtanga practices and how to prevent them.

Advantages of Using Props: Demonstrations on how props can enhance practice and assist in achieving the correct posture and alignment.

Week 4
Tuesday   - Flexibility

Focused Theme: Comprehensive focus on 'Flexibility'—understand its importance in yoga and daily life.

Step-by-Step Approach: Learn a methodical approach to gradually increase your flexibility, suitable for all levels.

Understanding Flexibility Types: Explore the different types of flexibility and their unique benefits.

Customised Sequences: Master tailored yoga sequences designed specifically to enhance flexibility.

Injury Prevention and Management: Gain insights into common flexibility-related injuries and learn strategies to prevent and manage them.

Thursday - Asanas & Sites of injuries

Unique Focus on Injury Prevention: Emphasize the workshop's focus on understanding how restrictions in one area of the body can lead to stress and injuries elsewhere. This is especially appealing to those looking to deepen their practice safely.

Understanding Physical Limitations: Mention that the workshop will teach participants how to recognise and respect their body's physical limits, which is crucial for a sustainable yoga practice.

The Art of Sequencing: Introduce the concept of sequencing asanas in a way that maximizes benefits while minimizing risks, appealing to both beginners and experienced practitioners.

Listening to the Body: Stress the importance of developing an internal awareness and listening to one's body, a skill that is beneficial in yoga and everyday life.



Prashanth Ramu is a passionate advocate for holistic well-being, with over 15 years of dedicated practice and over 5 years of teaching experience in the art of yoga. His profound journey into yoga was shaped under the guidance of a remarkable mentor—his father—who not only imparted the wisdom of yoga but also utilised its transformative powers to alleviate Prashanth's own health struggles.

As a child, Prashanth battled with allergies, navigating the challenges of being an allergenic patient. It was his father's deep understanding of yoga as a healing modality that became a beacon of hope for his health. Introduced to yoga at an early age for its therapeutic benefits, Prashanth witnessed first-hand its ability to not only mitigate his physical ailments but also cultivate a profound sense of inner harmony and resilience.

Specialising in various yoga disciplines, Prashanth is an adept practitioner and teacher, with a focus on Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa yoga, yogic kriyas, bandhas and Handstands. His expertise extends beyond mere physical practice, delving into the deeper realms of yogic philosophy and its practical application in daily life.

Prashanth's teaching methodology is rooted in compassion and a profound understanding of individual needs. He seamlessly integrates his extensive knowledge of yoga's therapeutic aspects, empowering his students to embrace yoga as a tool for both physical and emotional healing, as well as a pathway to self-discovery.

As the founder of Prashantha Yoga, Prashanth is committed to sharing the profound benefits of yoga with others, fostering a nurturing space where individuals can explore, evolve, and find solace through the practice of yoga. His mission is to inspire and guide others on their own transformative journeys towards holistic well-being and self-realisation.


The rooms at Purple Valley are simple yet serene and very comfortable. Each room is unique with attached bathrooms, ceiling fans, and mosquito nets. Please note that we do not have air-conditioning or internet in the rooms. Read more about the rooms here

Monsoon Prices 2024

The below prices are given per week and include accommodation, meals (Brunch/Dinner/Fruits/Unlimited tea and coffee through out the day), 1x 60 minute massages/ treatment with our therapists, and  all your tuition fees . The below fees do not include the flight fare or the taxi transfer to and from the airport. Shared accommodation means that 2 students of the same gender will share a room.  Our dormitory room is a new feature for the budget traveller. These rooms sleep 3-4 persons of the same gender. Dorm space and single rooms are limited!

Weekly bookings are available - single or multiple.
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