Empowered Teaching 300HR Teacher Training 

31 August to 12 October
with Neha Duseja and an inspiring teaching faculty!

If you’re looking for ways to go further in your journey, broader with your understanding and grow like never before, come join us on this 6 week transformation.

This space is for awakening, healing, learning, and remembering our true nature. Through immersive, deep sadhana (dedicated practice), we become more intimate with our inner self, unwinding old habits and patterns, exploring our deepest heart intention (sankalpa) and practicing aligning our moment-to-moment choices with our intention.

With this modular training, my hope is to help you fall in love with your practice and progress, inward and outward. To help remind you of the power that you are and the superpower that you share. It is truly my honor and privilege to walk this path with you and help you become everything you already are!

Love and Light
Neha Duseja

Training Course Description


A 300 hour with a difference! 

A 300 hour training is about deepening your knowledge and furthering your practice of yoga. Which is why, this program is built to help you take your time with the information given to help you work with it and understand it better.

Divided up into three 100-hour modules, you can choose to do one module or all three, the choice is yours! Therefore, this 300 hour teacher training program is designed as a flexible program that can be completed in as little as one and a half months or as long as three years.

The focus of this immersion is to:

  • Explore yoga as a living practice
  • Give you three very different yoga frameworks to guide your explorations
  • Give you the opportunity to learn from incredible teachers and experts in their craft, from both within yoga and beyond!
  • Establish your practice as a guide for sharing with others
  • Help you teach with confidence and take your offering to the next level.

This program is designed to support you in finding your own path as a student and from there, as a teacher. The training is divided into three 100-hour modules. You will receive a certificate for each of the 100 hours you complete, which can be added to your existing hours with Yoga Alliance. Additionally, the full 300-hour program is registered with Yoga Alliance as well. Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll receive a 300-hour certificate. You’ll have the option to register with Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level by submitting your prior 200-hour certificate and the 300-hour certificate.


Each of the three modules will be taught by an amazing team of teachers, who bring with them, their decades of training and expertise to give you the best information and most authentic teaching.

ALIGN. Anatomy. Alignment. Sequencing.

August  31 - September 14, 2024

The first 100-Hours will look at the practice with a physical focus. From functional anatomy to fascia, to adjustments and injury management, as well as looking at conventional and unconventional sequencing methodologies to create safe, sound and effective flows. This module is about creating a depth of understanding about the moving body and all it’s fantastic parts!

Align. The training at a glance:

  • Functional Anatomy
  • Introduction to Fascia – What it is, how it moves, why it’s important
  • How to work with Fascia
  • Physical Adjustments and Injury management
  • Mobility training
  • Myofascial focused sequencing and cueing
  • Teaching inversions

Vinyasa yoga and movement specialist
Intelligent sequencing, adjustments, cueing and confident teaching

Functional Anatomy and Fascia specialist
Functional anatomy, fascia deep dive, myofascial release
Break with Awaken image here

AWAKEN. Yoga philosophy. Philosophy in practice. Ayurveda

September 14 -28, 2024

The second 100 Hour module will look at the practice through the lens of yoga philosophy. From the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita, to the stories behind the names of asanas, to learning how to chant, and diving deeper into the science of Ayurveda, this module is all about making the practice of yoga come alive!

Awaken. The training at a glance:

  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras - An exploration of the 8 limbs
  • Themes from the Bhagvad Gita
  • Mythology – The stories behind the asana
  • Asana practice and sequencing – Learning to build experiences around the philosophy of the practice and bring the postures alive through story-telling.
  • Chanting – Building a practice – learning the lineage, the phonetics and the meaning of various chants, Understanding their power and intention (bhava)
  • Ayurveda – Looking at the body through the lens of the ancient science and elements

Vinyasa yoga and movement specialist
Embodying yoga philosophy, working with divine archetypes, chanting

Yoga history and yoga philosophy specialist
History of yoga, ancient texts and modern day application

ASCEND. Pranayama. Meditation, Yoga Nidra and more!  

September 28 - October 12, 2024

The third 100 hour module is all about the subtle body practices. Using the frame work of the koshas we will look at the body beyond just the physical.  This module will take a closer look at the practices that serve our many bodies (or sheaths). From pranayama, to shamanic breathwork, to traditional and insight meditation techniques, to sound healing, chakra cleansing and so much more, this module is about adding lots of tools to your self practice and teaching toolbox and guiding the practice inward.

ASCEND. The training at a glance:

  • Introduction to pranayama techniques
  • Shamanic breathwork
  • Traditional meditation techniques
  • Insight mindfulness training – As shared by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield
  • Working with Chakras
  • Working with Mudras
  • Practicing and teaching Yoga Nidra
  • Asana practice and sequencing – learning how to build a multi-dimentional practice, incorporating  breathwork, meditation and educations themes like chakras for example.


Vinyasa yoga and movement specialist
Insight meditation, yoga nidra and building multi-dimentional classes

Breathwork specialist and yogini
Pranayama, oxygen advantage, Wim Hoff, and breathwork experiences

Typical Training Day:

7:00 - 9:30AM                Morning Practice
9:30 – 10:30AM             Breakfast
10:30- 12:30PM             Morning Session
12:30 – 2:30PM             Lunch break
2:30 – 4:00PM              Afternoon session
4:00 – 4:30PM               Tea break
4:30 – 6:00PM               Evening session
6:30 – 8:00PM               Dinner

Total Training Hours: 7.5 per day for 14 day



Neha is a ERYT 600 Certified, international yoga teacher, who runs yoga trainings, CPDs, workshops and retreats around the world.

Neha’s journey began close to10 years ago, as a means of beginning again. Leaving a successful advertising career behind, looking to live a more authentic, more purposeful life, she found her answer in a pool of sweat, on a yoga mat one summer in Dubai.

Her love affair with yoga began in the hot room, after which she found her wings in a vinyasa class and discovered a channel for her creativity in arm balances, inversions and beautiful transitions within the flows. Yoga was changing her and she didn’t even know! Accepting versus refusing. Softening, versus hardening. Neha realized that yoga is a means for mental metamorphosis. Transforming limitations into opportunities, and fear into empowerment, simply existing to really living, every breath, every moment, that is the gift of the practice!

For the past 4 years, with a need to dive deeper into technique and expand on her love for the practice, Neha has been a regular student in the mysore room. Studying with Nea Ferrier, in Dubai, falling madly in love with the lineage, that has helped her deepen her connection to yoga, to her self, her body and her reasons for teaching.

Neha teaches, full led primary. And her Vinyasa classes are creative,  challenging and focus on expanding student knowledge of themselves through postures, breathwork and mindful movement. The goal is always, to be good at yoga and therefore, be GREAT at life!

With a love of teaching, Neha will guide your practice to new depths and help you connect your journey on the mat with meaning off the mat. And she is so excited to grow with you!


- ERYT200 - Absolute Academy, Thailand (2015)

- ERYT100 – Vinyasa Sequencing (Lila School of Vinyasa) (2017)

- RYT300 - SuperSoul Bhakti Yoga (2019)

- In depth movement and hand balancing training and certifications with

international teachers. (5 years and counting)

- Insight meditation  2 year teacher training graduate 2023.

 from Standford University, with world renowned Insight Meditation Teachers, Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield

- Pranayama Teacher Training  Level 1 – Jan-March 2023.

With teachers: Eddie Stern and Robert Moses

- Chanting student with Shantala Sriramaiah since Jan 2022.

Functional Anatomy and Fascia specialist
Functional anatomy, fascia deep dive, myofascial release

January discovered yoga while travelling the globe working as a flight attendant. Also a free spirit, yoga has brought her to explore different yoga communities across the continent. Looking into deepening her practice January ventured into the therapeutic modality of yoga after completing her yoga teacher training. Having recovered from injuries and experienced how yoga helped in her personal recovery inspired January to deepen her studies and practice techniques.

January is a certified 500 hour E-RYT with Yoga Alliance and is a certified Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist. Her focus in her yoga teaching practice works around therapeutic one-on-ones and functional group classes. Also expanding her movement repertoire, January is also a comprehensive Pilates Instructor.

Gaining her movement specialist credentials, January is certified as Functional Range Movement Specialist and also specialises in myofascial release. Adding educator to her resume, she is a RAD Mobility Master Coach and educator, teaching Self Myofascial Release to all modalities of movement modalities. Academically, January holds a Postgraduate certification on human anatomy from the University of Edinburgh.

January’s approach to yoga remains ever focused on the balance between mind, body, and mobility - strength and flexibility. Her classes cover Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Yin, Restorative and Pre/postnatal.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
Intelligent movement and mobility, injury management and prevention

British musculoskeletal physiotherapist with a special interest in shoulder rehabilitation. Jeelna’s broad experience extends across professional sports clubs and public sector NHS hospitals. Working in private racquet sports clubs, her key focus has been based upon gym-based rehabilitation including Clinical Pilates and yoga to help achieve client-specific functional goals.

Jeelna also offers Biomechanical Run Assessments and one-to-one Therapeutic Yoga as part of her clinical expertise. She is a certified Yoga Instructor registered in Rishikesh in India and uses a yoga therapy approach to improve posture, alignment, and general wellbeing in her clients.

Yoga history and yoga philosophy specialist
History of yoga, ancient texts and modern day application

Vikram took his first asana class at Modo Yoga in the fall of 2006 and right away fell in love with the practice. After regularly practicing for about a year and a half, he finished the 500 hour Modo Teacher Training in Kerala, India in March 2008.

After teaching part time for a few months, vikram decided to switch careers and ultimately left his HR job to pursue a full time teaching career. vikram has taught at various Modo locations in the GTA since November 2008. Over the course of the years he has accumulated over 11,000+ hours of teaching experience. His love of teaching has taken him to various Modo locations in the US and Canada.

In addition to his years of experience with Modo, Vikram has completed a 200 hour Ashtanga Yoga certification with David Robson of the Ashtanga Yoga Center of Toronto in 2008. During his time there, vikram was a regular practitioner and co-taught the evening Mysore program. As part of his practice, vikram continues to study and practice with Sharath Jois in Mysore when possible.

To balance out the challenging hatha and vinyasa practices of Ashtanga and Modo, Vikram was introduced to yin yoga which very quickly became part of his practice. To support his desire to share that practice, Vikram completed his training with Bernie Clark in November 2015 and is a certified Yin Yoga Teacher.

His passion for all things yoga led him to pursue studies in Ayurveda as well. Vikram is an Ayurvedic practitioner having completed his studies from the Kripalu School Of Ayurveda. A strong advocate of the Ayurvedic lifestyle, vikram shares his knowledge and passion in various workshops and yoga teacher trainings.

Having grown up in India, Vikram was always fascinated with the rich history and stories from Indian mythology which were a big part of his childhood. His passion for mythology and deeper desire to study Yoga History & Philosophy has lead to further studies with various teachers in North America and India. vikram is currently on the YTT faculty for Modo Yoga Inc where he teaches modules on the history of yoga along with the wisdom of the Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads.

Besides asana, Vikram teaches courses and workshops on classical yogic texts such as Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads; professional mentorship to yoga teachers and consults with yoga spaces and businesses on cultural appropriation, inclusion and accessibility.

Vikram loves to share his culture and experience of growing up in India, and believes that all practitioners at some point, should visit the birthplace of Yoga.

Vikram currently lives in Goa with his six year old Satya who continues to teach him about life everyday.

Vedanta, Ayurveda specialist and Pranic healer 
Mythology, practical ayurveda, mudras and yoga as a healing modality

Growing up in a traditional Indian Family, Yoga has been always there in and around with him, in ways of spiritual and physical practices. The Chanting of Shlokas and Mantras in the early days ofhis childhood always inspired him to interpret and apply this in various fields of life. He has always been a seeker a believer and will take you far and deep into the secrets of yoga. Considers himself blessed to be able to spend years of practice traveling & staying with the great minds in yoga and learning from these Gurus. Integrating these studies in his personal practice, connecting the traditional yoga texts to the path of the modern yogis, to guide students into a space of safety, inquiry and playfulness; So they can recognize their inner tools to actually know the teachings in their own bodies and trust the wisdom of their own experience.

A Vedantin, Yogi, Reiki, Pranic Practitioner Healer and Acroyoga
Teacher, traveling the world teaching and spreading the knowledge of Yoga at Yoga Festivals, Yoga Camps, private and public classes, Corporate Motivational Lectures.

The joy of giving and spreading love and confidence with smiles of peace & bliss amongst the beautiful souls of students is the best feeling he derives from his classes. Vipin offers a way of engaging with the study and practice of yoga that invites students to embody it in everyday life. Often the entry point to his work is in freeing oneself from the pretensions through the physical yoga practice leading to practices in the subtle realm of mudra, meditation, mantra, pranayama, Ayurveda and communication.

Breathwork specialist and yogini 
Pranayama, oxygen advantage, Wim Hoff, and breathwork experiences

My journey started 10 years ago in Thailand where I lived with a monk practicing healing techniques and meditation, then I went to Nepal and Sri Lanka to continue my learning. In 2017, I took the decision of leaving my career in the corporate world (luxury retail industry) to focus on my personal and professional development around holistic modalities. I moved to Bali where I settled and I managed a holistic school and became a certified breathing coach including both western and eastern approaches as well as yoga/meditation teacher (500RYT). I am now providing my acquired knowledge to individuals who lead busy lives as well as corporates investing in the wellness of their employees.

"My approach is tailored to anyone having a busy working life with responsibilities and limited free time to dedicate to themselves. I provide simple tools and techniques to practice every day from home or the office in order to be more conscious about our body and mind, have the ability to manage our own emotions in a calm manner, strengthen our immunity, and overall improve our health. Through my teachings, workshops and retreats, everyone understands the physiology behind every practice and gets to experience the entire scope of wellness from a holistic approach. All techniques are accessible to anyone regardless of their physical ability and level of awareness towards the practice of breathing, yoga and meditation. "

Certified Wellness Coach including :

Wim Hof Method fundamentals and ice immersion

Pranyamas and yogic breath

Oxygen Advantage

Certified Yoga Alliance RYT 500H Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Certified RYT Himalayan Kriya Yoga Level 1 Facilitator

Advance Tibetan Reiki Healer

Meditation Guru
Introduction to meditation techniques and teaching guided meditations

Anjaan is a Meditation Guide, Relaxation Coach, Healer and Tantra Mentor who specialises in helping people recognise relaxation to feel content, calm and elevated in all forms of wellness. He uses ancient principles from wisdom traditions like Yoga, Tantra & Zen to solve mordern day problems.

Cost of Teacher Training 


Why is the training structured the way it is?

A 300HR training is different from a 200HR, in the way that the where the 200HR is about covering the bases and providing a platform from which new teachers can begin their teaching journey. The 300HR training is about deepening your own practice in areas that are of specific interest to you, so as your practice gets richer, it informs better, more powerful teaching.

So giving you the option to choose one or more areas of interest was definitely one reason for planning the training in the way that it is.

And the other reason…

“There has to be a better way.” Having been on month long intensives, I’ve always come away thinking that it just wasn’t the most effective way to learn. So keeping that in mind, making sure to build a training in a way that makes the learning process as joyful and productive as possible, I’ve built this training as a modular approach. So you have time to work with information as well as time to digest and learn and truly understand the material. To look at the daily schedule and see how each module will work click here.

Is this program eligible for Yoga Alliance certification?

Students who complete a module will get certified for 100 hours   per completed module as per YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education) hours. And those who do all three modules of the 300-hour program will receive a 300HR teacher training certificate as per Yoga Alliance standards.

If you completed a 200 hour training from another Yoga Alliance certified school, you will be able to submit both your 200 hour and your 300 hour certificate to Yoga Alliance, should you choose to, for a full 500 hour recognition from them.

What are the prerequisites?

Prerequisites for the 300 hour program include completion of a 200-hour Yoga Alliance registered program.

Alternatively, each of the three 100 hour modules acts as a stand alone opportunity for advanced students to deepen their knowledge or teachers to dive deeper into specific areas of interest. So registration for individual modules is open to advanced practitioners as well as teachers.

What are the requirements to complete the program?

To be able to get the certificate of completion of the 300HR training, all three modules have to be completed.

Who do I contact with questions?

Please email nehadusejayoga@gmail.com with all other questions.

Accommodation and meals

Training Location:

This 300HR YTT is an intensive that will happen in India, in the tropical paradise and internationally renowned yoga institution, Purple Valley, in Goa. Students will reside on the property and all meals will be prepared and served by the wonderful chef and staff at PV. Purple Valley provides a perfect setting for our training, and for students to be fully immersed in learning.

The rooms at Purple Valley are simple yet serene and very comfortable. Each room is unique with attached bathrooms, ceiling fans, and mosquito nets. Please note that we do not have air-conditioning or internet in the rooms. Read more about the rooms here. Included in the room rate is morning/afternoon tea, brunch, dinner.

Prices per module 

The below prices are given per module and include accommodation, meals ( Brunch/Dinner/Fruits/Unlimited tea and coffee through out the day), 2 Abhyanga massages with our therapists,  all tuition fees and printed course material. The below fees do not include the flight fare or the taxi transfer to and from the airport. Shared accommodation means that 2 students of the same gender will share a room.  Our dormitory room is a new feature for the budget traveller. These rooms sleep 3-4 persons of the same gender. Dorm space and single rooms are limited!

To secure the booking we ask for a 25% deposit of the course fee. The balance can be divided into instalments. The full course fee must be paid 6 weeks prior the start of the course. 

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How to book

Get in touch to book your yoga and accommodation for a monsoon retreat